How To Rebrand Without Spending Too Much

How To Rebrand Without Spending Too Much

If you make effective business rebranding efforts, it helps put a new life into and a competitive edge for your business. It keeps your brand fresh and helps customers interact and understand the products and services you offer better. But rebranding often requires a lot of time and money and can be an intimidating task to take up for young entrepreneurs and small-businesses. How can you plan your rebranding efforts without burning into your entire marketing budget? Read these tested tips to rebrand your business without spending too much.

Tap your industry networks

If you cannot afford to hire a PR or marketing team to help your rebranding efforts, you can reach out to your immediate network and influencers whose audience is the type of customer base you are looking to tap into. In an ideal scenario, you will be able to offer something in return to the influencers. This type of a mutually beneficial relationship will help you promote your new brand and lead to stronger ties with the influencer in the future. 

Use social media 

Social media is one of the fastest ways to disseminate your message and reach your target audience. Companies who have built a strong online community through their web engagement and social media presence can tap into this group to announce the new brand. Generate interest by offering discounts and packages, take up your prior engagement with your current customers and seek feedback. You can be strategic about making your social media network a part of your company’s rebranding efforts. If you have had a robust, customer-friendly presence on social media outlets, it will not be long before your brand ambassadors take up the mantle to put word out about your business rebrand.

Get employees to help

Your best support is your team and your employees. By asking your employees to become brand representatives, you can greatly supplement your rebranding efforts. Whatever changes that you plan to make to your brand should be clearly communicated to your team members. Print tee-shirts, backpacks and other merchandise with the new logo and rebranding message and ask the employees to wear your new brand. Ensure that the message is something that your employees like and support. Getting your employees on the same page will not only allow them to think and act like a new company, but will also help in providing a seamless experience to your customers and reflect the new brand.

Be consistent

With funding constraints for rebranding, it is imperative that you keep ambiguity to a minimum and have a strong and consistent message that goes out to the community. Plan and strategize on what rebranding your business means. Pick a theme or angle that provides a unique position to your company and ensure that consistency is maintained across all communicating efforts. Ask your customers if they are happy with the rebrand, with the logo, or if they have come to lose trust in your new brand. Use the feedback to create positive engagement so that your rebranding is received positively.


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