Four Great Tips To Engage Your Instagram Audience

Four Great Tips To Engage Your Instagram Audience

Nike and Gucci know it, and so does Starbucks.

The ‘Gram matters.’

Big brands are playing pixel on Instagram and that’s because with 400 million monthly active users, Instagram is a huge canvas for digital marketers. According to an study, users spend more than 20 minutes on Instagram daily, giving brands a captive audience to entertain, engage and connect with.

But this is not exactly breaking news because Instagram is now flooded with marketers updating feeds every few hours. So if these are two men at a bar vying for the attention of the same woman, it eventually boils down to two critical factors: creativity and persistence. She will leave her number with the man who manages to keep her entertained for the duration of the evening.

If your aim is to get your audience to subscribe to your email database, we have a few observations from social interactions at a bar that will also work on Instagram.

1. The lost art of conversation

Conversation draws your audience’s attention away from other people to yourself. And the first rule driving a good conversation? Get the other person to talk about themselves. “To dads more protective than SPF” was an original post by cosmetic brand Sephora on Father’s day which won several shares and likes on Instagram.

2. Quote it

Instagram being a visual medium, an effective way to stand out in the news feed is to use font. And an overlay of a quote with a great visual or even a clean graphic background is sure to get you noticed. Take this opportunity to motivate, inspire or make people laugh. Celebrate all the quirky quotes made by famous women on Women’s day, or inspire with health quotes on a tedious Monday.

3. Power to People

Another way to win attention on Instagram is encouraging user-generated content (UGC) to appeal to the emotions of your audience. Using UGC into a brand’s account activity delivers on the promise of undivided attention to the customers. It shows that you actually pay attention to the interests of your followers: Nike’s Photoid campaign for instance allows Instagram users to design, share and even purchase customized versions of Nike sneakers.

4. Contests & Sweepstakes

Social Media Examiner reveals that contests and sweepstakes feed the appetite for virtual adventure and thrills. But before you create a contest—start a teaser campaign, supply information on how to participate, and start a conversation with your users around the event. You can always use other social media outlets to increase awareness and recall for the contest.

Our Verdict

Get picture perfect on Instagram, the world is out here.

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